All competitors must be active USASA Members. Please create/renew your membership online beforehand  to help insure our events run in a timely manner. All current members should arrive prepared to show proof of membership. Having your membership card/number will help with a faster registration.






All competitors must comply with the USASA Concussion Policy. This only needs to be read over. 





All competitors and forerunners are required to wear helmets. They must be snowsports approved with the CE label present.


If you will not be attending an event with your child, please print the event waiver , fill it out, and send with your child. All waivers must be completed by parents, not coaches, per USASA rules.

All coaches must be Certified USASA Coaches and current USASA Members in order to receive complimentary coaches tickets at events. Please be prepared to provide your USASA membership card if asked.

Please see the USASA rulebook for any questions in regards to rules and procedures.


Please pre-register whenever possible. You may do this by registering for the whole season via the Series Director before 1/1/18 or via


Remember that online registration closes every Thursday at 9pm ET for the following weekend.  Events will be capped at 125 athletes.

All events this season will follow the same schedule, although some times may change slightly due to variables: 


Athlete check-in/registration will take place from 8-9 am SHARP. 


Practice will be from 9-10ish and a rider's meeting will follow at the top of the course. The event will begin after this brief meeting.


Awards will take place approximately 30 minutes after alpine events, halfpipe events, and rail jams and approximately 1 hour after slopestyle events. Please be patient if extra time is needed to calculate results.

All competitor bibs must be returned after each contest. They will be used during each contest's bib raffle. Competitors must be present to claim their prizes. Raffle prizes will not be given to parents, friends, or coaches.

Slalom/Giant Slalom: Results are compiled based on best 2-run combined time.

Slopestyle/Halfpipe: Results are compiled based on each rider's highest scoring run. Each competitor will take 2 judged runs and judges scores are averaged. Please see the rule book for freestyle judging criteria.

Rail Jams: Procedures may change based on the number of competitors in each field. Smaller fields will use jam format and will typically be given a 20 minute jam session. A shorter Final Jam session will be used if the Head Judge and TS deem it necessary. Larger fields may be run in a controlled jam format to insure all athletes are seen and for accurate ranking. In this case session lengths may be extended to fit the size of the fields. Rail jams will be judged on the overall session. Judges are looking to see competitors put together a variety of well-executed tricks on a variety of features.


Boardercross/Skiercross: Each competitor will run the course alone for a time trial. Competitors will be seeded and bracketed based upon the time trial results and the number of competitors within each group.